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We are experts in trading Hardwood and Softwood Veneer and Saw Logs, and South American Flooring Lumber.


If you need a quote on various quantities of Saw Logs, Veneer Logs, or South American Flooring, then please click here to submit a quote. We will evaluate your quote request and get a price back to you usually within 24 hours.
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South American Flooring Lumber is the basis for beautiful, durable flooring in brand new homes and commercial applications. Our South American Flooring is known worldwide as the best quality hardwood flooring lumber available.

Browse our photo galleries for high quality pictures of our most popular offerings. You will find hundreds of pictures of Applachian wood species, our locking panel homes, tropical hardwoods, flooring lumber, saw logs, veneer logs, and some of the exotic locations we acquire our high quality products.
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